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Summertime Simplicity

July 10, 2012

We’re in the thick of summer, which means 2 things: grilling and alcohol-soaked fruit. Yeah, I said it – and you know you were thinking it. This past Saturday, we hosted a fish fry with a few of our friends. Starting at 2:30 and ending at 2:30 (A.M.), you could say it went pretty well. However, a lot happens in 12 hours – so much so, that it would probably take a week to talk about it, so I’m only going to highlight the 2 best things about that day (for me, at least): grilled lobster tails and vodka-soaked watermelon. If you don’t love that, well then you just need to get the hell out of here…

{450 degrees for 5 minutes on each side; split them in half; and baste with butter, oil and old bay for another 5 minutes each. side note: make sure you cook the tails in butter long enough – they may look ready, but they are just getting more delicious and juicy. otherwise, they’ll be a tad bit stringy.}

{cut a small square hole, place full vodka bottle in the watermelon, then place in cooler with ice. the watermelon soaks up most of the vodka – and you can eat the watermelon sliced, and also make watermelon shots with the juice. dangerous and delish!}

{see? i DO use my potting station! HA}

There you have it – 2 ideas to make your summer simply delicious (and super fun).

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  1. July 10, 2012 10:40 pm

    That all looks terrible … just going to keep telling myself that. But vodka fruit is one of the food groups, right?


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