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Pretty Envelopes

July 26, 2012

I never really understood why brides cared so much about what their wedding mail looked like until I became one (a bride, that is). Our STDs are nothing extravagant (we decided against engagement pictures because, well, what’s the point?), so I thought it would be nice to pretty up the envelopes they came in.

The things I do when I’m bored…

I got a cheap “Happily Ever After” stamp from Michaels for $2 – it was on sale, so naturally I just had to get it. And then I needed awesome, beautiful, silver stamp ink – for $8. Then the monogram stickers caught my eye. I got these for ManFiancé, because I just knew he’d love them. I’m trying anything and everything to keep him somewhat involved in this madness we call “wedding planning,” so I knew a nod to my new last name would do the trick. A package of 30 was $3, so I bought 5 packages to use for the STDs, invites, and thank you cards.

Ok fine, so I spent $35 on just the envelopes – something I would never normally do since they’ll be thrown away in 2 seconds without anyone really noticing (which is why I put it all on the back, they have no choice but to look at it!), but it adds a little more personalization and sophistication to plain ol’ boring envelopes.

We fancy, huh.

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  1. Hope permalink
    July 27, 2012 12:08 pm

    And…. they look lovely!

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