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Hipster Shit

August 5, 2011

I went shopping with my friend Johanna a few weeks ago (the girl who taught me how to make a white-girl sangria), and for some reason, I was compelled stop in to Forever 21. Not only can I hardly fit into any of their clothes anymore because I actually have hips now, but their crap is so horrible now it’s laughable. Maybe it was the hurricane-like winds that pushed us in there, because we really didn’t have any other option…

While browsing through their cheap jewelry (since that’s the only stuff that’ll fit me), I started noticing a trend: hipster shit.

If you asked me a few months ago what a hipster was, I couldn’t tell you. I never even really heard of the term until a co-worker of mine opened my eyes to all things hipster. I can safely say that I am not a hipster, but are you?

Watch this video, and then you decide:

If her ramblings remind you of yourself, then yes, you are a hipster and you should seek help – but be sure to tell everyone its drug rehab and your parents are NOT paying for it. (that way, you’ll still look hip)

If this video reminds you of someone you know, then you’re friends with a hipster and you should probably start re-evaluating your life. It’s OK to friend a hipster, but be careful of becoming one yourself. And now even Forever 21 is jumping on the bandwagon.


“Fixies” are a hipster staple.



Even though I’m not a hipster, I had to get this necklace. I can’t wait to get strange looks from co-workers when I attempt to read notes at company meetings with them.



Hipsters are known for their excessive use of birds. They put them on EVERYTHING…



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  1. August 5, 2011 6:43 pm

    But, I love birds! Wahhh, I don’t wanna be a hipster. Wish I could get rid of this birdie tattoo :(

  2. Johanna permalink
    August 5, 2011 5:36 pm

    I will say… You look mighty hipster in those glasses/necklace, but I love it!!

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