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Maroon Food

July 22, 2011

There are 3 things you need to know about me:

First, I love to eat. If you’ve seen me in a bathing suit recently, you know this.

Second, I like an adult beverage from time-to-time (ok, more often than not). If you have seen me on most Saturday mornings, you can assume that as well.

Third, maroon is my favorite color. Look at my website. Hellooo.

This brings me to Maroon Food.

The other day I was really craving a Monte Cristo sandwich. I haven’t had one in a few years, mainly because they are way over-the-top in the “Make-Me-A-Fatty” category. Ham, cheese, raspberry jam, brioche bread and then FRIED in hot oil. Sounds glorious, but for a girl who will continue to struggle with her weight for the rest of her life (thanks, mom), I can’t afford to put myself in that situation. Especially in the summertime – I just can’t do that to the pool patrons – it’s just not right.

So, it was time to get creative.



Introducing salted chocolate’s Skinny Monte Cristo Sandwich

  • English muffin, toasted
  • Spread one half with low-fat cream cheese, and the other half with low-cal raspberry jam
  • Top with turkey breast
  • Add a slice of jalapeno Havarti cheese (for a spicy kick)
  • Put it all together and enjoy!



It’s delicious – I promise…

Another Maroon Food favorite of mine – and it’s a new one – is my friend, Johanna’s, White-Girl Sangria. First of all, I love the name of this drink. (Almost as much as I love “Purple Drank”) Why? Because it says exactly what it actually is, and a white girl like me loves this version of the glorious Latina staple. (And Johanna is Latina, so she can get away with calling it this – ha). It’s so easy to make, and SO easy to drink – it’s dangerous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Johanna’s White-Girl Sangria

  • 1.5 Liters a red wine (we chose Cabernet)
  • 3/4 of a liter of Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale
  • Frozen fruit: strawberries, blueberries and pineapple
  • Add all ingredients into 1 large pitcher and stir well (DO NOT ADD ICE)
  • Pour into glass, and THEN add the ice
  • Enjoy irresponsibly



I guess one could technically argue this isn’t food. Need I remind you that there is wine-soaked fruit involved in this, people?!?!

Special Note: I’ve officially made it to Post #100 – and it doesn’t appear I’m giving up anytime soon. Great excuse to celebrate with some White-Girl Sangria if you ask me! Cheers!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 25, 2011 8:59 am

    Hey Ray Congrats on your 100 post!! That’s awesome!! That sangria sounds very refreshing especially on a hot day, thanx for the receipe and I will make this very soon because it is VERY HOT!!! :) Love you!

  2. July 22, 2011 1:06 pm

    Mmmm I love sangria! I’ve never done it with gingerale though so I will definitely give this a try. Thanks so much!

  3. Johanna permalink
    July 22, 2011 1:05 pm

    Congratulations!! All of the posts have been wonderful.. This one of course being one of my favorites.. Love Ya, can’t wait for more

    Testing this out to see if it’s possible to post images.. lol :)


    • Johanna permalink
      July 22, 2011 1:08 pm

      nope.. doesn’t work, it’s a funny one.. you should post it! lol


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