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House Update

March 22, 2011

Going through previous blog posts, I noticed I haven’t given a house update in a while. I know you’re all just dying to know what’s going on!

As you may know, I decided to paint the majority of the inside gray (or grey), the furniture was finally found but I have left it a surprise (until now), the end table debacle had been solved, and I have been desperately looking for rugs.

I can officially say all of those to-do items have been checked off my list (for the living room at least). I was able to clean the room up enough to take some decent pictures, but everything is still pretty much scattered everywhere. Heck, we’re actually still moving. It’s normal to be moving after a month, right?…

(these were taken a night, I’ll get some daylight shots hopefully soon!)

  1. Paint: Behr Fashion Gray, $35 for 2 gallons at Home Depot
  2. Sectional: Brando in Cocoa, $999 at Ashley Furniture  (we found the same sectional in an ad for Big Lots at $699, so Ashley’s price-matched!)
  3. Ottoman: Brando in Cocoa, $299 at Ashley’s Furniture
  4. Pillows: $24.99 each at Target
  5. End Tables: $200 each at American Signature Furniture
  6. Lamps: $45 each at TJ Maxx
  7. Blankets (the softest ones ever): $20 each at Sears
  8. Rug: $190 at Lowe’s (It was 10% off yesterday, plus I had an additional 10% off coupon)


We’re far from being done – I’m still debating if I want to replace those pillows, add more, or get rid of them. Also, ManFriend is installing a new fan today, and we still need some art/photos on the wall. But, it’s coming along nicely.

Up next, the dining room and/or master bedroom. We’ll see which one gets done first – it’s always a mystery to me…

{These pictures were taken by me. If you’d like to use any of  these wonderful images, please link back to my site for credit. I appreciate it!}

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  1. katy permalink
    October 2, 2011 12:18 am

    Looks amazing ! I also have the same exact sectional only I have the chaise pulled apart with a tall framed mirror hanging in the center with a pedestal table in front of it .I love how it enlarges the room and much easier for the family to relax when seated _- )

  2. Heather Shortt permalink
    March 24, 2011 7:31 am

    Looks great! L0ve the rug! And as for still moving after a month? I’ve been “still moving” for 6! I still have tons of to-dos and decorating. In the words of Jessie Spano, “There’s NO time. There’s never any time!”

  3. Erica Donovan permalink
    March 23, 2011 11:59 am

    Oh yeah love the end tables too they rock!! And the area rug very good choice!! Those lamps, love the lamps! :)

  4. Erica Donovan permalink
    March 23, 2011 11:58 am

    I love the different patterns in the pillows, it adds to the room. I think you should keep them. We just got new pillows from Target too, love Target!! There brown with red green brown etc square pattern, awesome!! Keep up the good work missy!! :)

  5. Dominican Queen permalink
    March 22, 2011 9:45 pm

    Love the rug! good choice!


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