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March 31, 2011

The tv is louder than ever. Our voices echo. Moosehead is tap-dancing. My feet are cold.

Such is life without rugs. I never realized how much we’d miss the feeling of soft fabric on our feet until we didn’t have it anymore…

Sing it, Cinderella.

Sure we love our beautiful wood floors – (ok fine, they’re laminate wood floors) – but when you want your house to actually feel like a home, you need some softness and acoustic-killers in your life.

After hours upon hours of pouring over websites for the perfect rug for our bedroom, I finally found the one


Not only is it exactly what I was looking for, but Overstock has amazing prices plus amazing shipping (meaning: $1). And I could’ve saved myself some time if I actually was looking for the correct size. This whole time I’ve been looking for an 8″x10″ when all we really needed was an 5″x8″. Duh

Slowly but surely, the rug-a-ma-roll situation is coming along in thee ol’ household. We already have our living room rugged-out – here’s a clear shot of the rug we have, as it was kind of hard to see the actual colors…


It’s got my color of the year in there, too -whoot! whoot! oh yeah…

So now my focus is on the dining room. We left that area last because it’s the least important – basically, we don’t use it as much. Since the other rugs are a little more neutral and understated, I really want find a rug that pops. I laid my eyes on this one, and I had saved it to buy later – it pretty much had my heart at ‘Add to Cart’…


Sadly, I checked back today to make the purchase and of course it’s sold out. I had been saving for this rug for 2 weeks. Cool. My heart is broken, and I don’t ever think I could find something that is as glorious as this one. However, it’s just a rug and time heals all wounds.

I have my eye on these other rugs as well – but I don’t feel the same way as I did with that one. Sigh. The one that got away. I can’t talk about it.



It’s just not the same. One thing I do know – I want orange in that room. It’s a perfect complement to gray.

It’s ok though, I can hold out hope that it’ll come back in stock, right?…

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