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Taking a Stand

March 14, 2011

I have to admit – I let end tables and night stands get the best of me. For weeks, I have been perusing stores and scouring websites to find perfect, small, yet functional, tables. And with no success.

I’ve come to realize that it’s not the tables’ fault. It was me. I had this image of what I thought I wanted stuck in my head. See, if you knew how I shopped for furniture, you’d understand. I don’t just shop for furniture. I room shop.

There are perks – oh yes – but there are also pitfalls. And after almost 4 weeks of being in an end table-less house, it was time to take a stand. In this case, I took 4.

I was pretty much coming to my wit’s end when I finally gave in and went to American Signature Furniture. I have mixed feelings about this place – some of their stuff looks cheap and unoriginal. But sometimes, they’ll have flashes of brilliance that lasts for about a week. This week was one of those weeks.



Simple. Different. Cheap. That’s all I ask from an end table. And I get them tomorrow – my lamps with thank me.

Night stands … now those are another story. I almost considered going without them. Then I thought, “where will I put all my clutter? I can’t just leave it on the floor, I want my clutter to look organized and neat!” I know – I’m crazy. And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know this has been a topic I’ve been mulling over. (shameless social plug)

Luckily, ManFriend has an eye for design…


He’s my Knight in Shining Armour Bamboo.

Now, I know he liked the design and the fact that it’s eco-friendly (our life resolution), but when he followed up with a “look, no tools required!” – I knew he had ulterior motives. I didn’t mind – because I LOVE them. They aren’t the cheapest, but the quality is there and it’s less damaging to the environment (bamboo can be harvested and regrows quickly).

Now I have got to find some rugs. I still haven’t overcome that mind-game yet…

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