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Getting Organized

March 9, 2011

Not happening. Well, at least as fast as I would like.

The more crap I bring to the house, the more I feel overwhelmed. And on top of that, I’ve been cleaning for 3 straight weeks and it seems to be getting dirtier. I mean, I’m finding dust and hair one should never find dust and hair.

Like the stove. Um, yeah.

I was mopping the kitchen floor and a big hairball came out from underneath. I thought, “Oh yeah, forgot to get under there…” Thinking a little dust, maybe? No, I used 3 whole Swiffer Dusters. It’s like the stove is growing hair…

Enough of my cleaning tangent – wooosaaawwww…

Today I started searching for items to help me become a little more organized. Since the house is small, storage is key. But the difference between me and Danny Tanner is that I want to find ways to make storage and organization cool. I don’t want to look that obvious and that nerdy.

(sorry Danny)

Starting with the bathroom – if the first room I enter when I wake up is clutter-free, it’ll be a good day. These simple and cute lacquer bath accessories from West Elm will do the trick…


While I’m on the lacquer kick, these items would make my office a lot more organized than it is now. Meaning: Not at all.


How about when you first walk in? Where do you PUT everything? The last thing I want to do when I get home is walk to my room and put away my coat and purse, walk into the kitchen and put away my keys, walk into the garage and put away my shoes… you get the idea.

Enter my love…


If I could marry an inanimate object, I would marry this thing. Bonus: it’s on sale.

Now onto my drinking habits. Yes, even that needs some organization. I’m a real mess, people. I found this awesome wine rack, also from Pottery Barn. It doesn’t take up space, and it’s not entirely huge. Since, well, I can never seem to hold on to wine longer than a week. So, I would never really have that much wine to store anyways.


Luckily, my closet is organized. It’s the only organized thing in that house.

Do you have any (cool and/or Danny Tanner-like) organization ideas?


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