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Wedding Dresses

March 8, 2011

If my ‘Happy Weekend’ post would’ve worked, you would have known that I went down south for the weekend to visit family and to help my sister find her wedding dress. This was a big task since I have never helped anyone pick out their dress for their wedding.

I brought with me an open mind, some ideas, and a bottle (or 3) of champagne. And although we were scolded and shunned when we popped our bottle (say whaaaat? this is supposed to be a celebration – nevertheless, we remained sober), we found the perfect dress. Now alls we have to do is wait a year to see it again. An entire year!

Seeing the flurry of women trying on tons of dresses was exciting. There were so many to choose from – how can a girl expect to find the one amidst the hundreds of dresses?! Luckily, we found it in record time – 2 hours. I was expecting to be there all day, hence the 3 bottles, but my sister had her list, knew what she liked, and had the expertise opinions of me, my brother’s gf, and our Marm. If anything, she pretty much had the most stylish women around – at least in that wedding shop.

But this experience made me think, when it’s my time… what do I like? Naturally, I started to prepare. You never know, right?

Short and sweet

jim hjelm blush spring 2011 collection

Long layers with a sweetheart top (I LOVE sweetheart necklines)

jim jhelm spring 2011 collection

Intricate and romantic

lazaro spring 2011 collection

Tea length with ruffles

anthropologie’s BHLDN spring 2011 collection

Traditional with a modern twist

vera wang spring 2011 collection

True to form, my choices are all over the place. I love them all – they have their differences, but they also have their similarities. Looking at them again and again, I noticed a few constants that will remain my staples when it’s my time:

  1. Sweetheart Neckline
  2. Waist-Accentuating Pieces
  3. Soft and Breezy
  4. Splash of Color

What’s your favorite?

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  1. Erica Donovan permalink
    March 9, 2011 12:44 pm

    Oh Ray you truly crack me up!!:) :) I was over here laughing my ass off with tears of joy of course and reading your blog and couldn’t stop: hence the (3) bottles and only 2 hrs and you saying we have to wait an entire year to see it again-toooo funny but you have pics so stare at those!! :) I do love the sweetheart too unfortunatly the one I picked is semi sweetheart oh well! I liked the one you put on here with the ruffles-that is pretty! I know I made a good decision and thank you again! I sweat to much to carry on a long ass dress(on the beach)!! Thanks for thr great laughs as always!! :) Love you!

  2. Cheez permalink
    March 8, 2011 5:23 pm

    I like the long layers with sweet heart top!


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