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Mother’s Day Tea

May 16, 2012


My mother-in-law invited me to join her on a Red Hat Mother’s Day tea she and a friend were hosting last Saturday.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of hot tea (I only really drink Sun Tea), I wanted to spend the day with my 2nd mom – plus, it was her partay AND it was Mother’s Day – so it was my duty as a daughter-in-law to attend.

There was a great assortment of tea sandwiches, scones and chocolate-covered strawberries. The 1 cup of tea I had lasted me the entire 2 hours – but the “Mimosas for Mothers” made up for us non-tea drinkers.

Ok, fine – I’m not technically a mother so I didn’t really meet the mimosa requirement, but the waitress didn’t know that EH EH EH…


{for mothers only – but not when I’m around}

{my cup of tea that wasn’t my cup of tea…}



{so gone…}

 {possible hat for the wedding? nah, that’s ok}

p.s. Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Cheese!


Engagement Party Recap

May 9, 2012

2 weeks later, the engagement party pics are ready to be made public. I actually had to have my friends and family send me their pics, because I (of course) was running around like a crazy person right before the party started, so I didn’t have any time to take any.



Leftover drink umbrellas from Erica’s Bridal Shower make perfect picker-uppers for cuban sandwiches.



… these were from Erica’s shower, too. I’m so resourceful! (or cheap)




Superfly candy bar.



Final set-up. Our pictures from our dating years were on the table with the food. Hopefully no one lost their appetite.



Last-minute touches (in true form), and the liquor table was slowly but surely getting better.



Couldn’t have done it without these 2! :) Superstars!!




A party ain’t a party unless there are jello shots. Strong jello shots.




Looks like we’re going to have a FULL liquor bar at the wedding! I made my mom take it with her (she lives 4 hours away from me), so it’s safe.



Congrats on our ‘Engagment’ – hmmmm…



Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow…


Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated.

We had a great time! (as per usual)






First Food Friday Post

April 20, 2012


… And I’m already skipping it. Sorry guys, I just have so much going on today with the party tomorrow, I honestly have no time to give you the glorious recipe of my Semi-Homemade Matzo Ball soup. Have no fear, I promise to share it with you next week!

Just so I don’t leave you completely alone on Food Friday, here’s some food porn to feed your desire…



{caramel apple sticky buns}



{ultimate chocolate chip n’ oreo fudge brownie bar}



{no bake strawberry icebox cake}



{italian flag cake}


It’s so wrong, but it’s soooooooo right!

Neighborhood Garage Sale

April 19, 2012


Even though I was terribly sick last week, I still forced myself to get up early on Saturday to visit my neighborhood’s annual garage sale. The things I do for cheap crap…

I was on a mission to find a sofa table and a cute lamp, so my friend Johanna and I drove around (the lazy person’s garage sale-hunting) until we found something good. Although I didn’t find what I was looking for, I still managed to buy some pretty awesome items for a whopping $8. (it was technically $9 total, but I didn’t have change so I borrowed $1 from Johanna – I still owe you by the way! :D)

Here were my finds:


{ManFiancé lovessss to fish, and even though he HATES sailboats, he loves knots. Weirdo. I had to get something to pacify him as I spent all of our money. :) $3}

{The perfect glass jar for the wine corks I save, but I also plan on it using for the candy bar at the engagement party. Also a great glass for vino, perfect after a long day at work. Not kidding. $1}

{Johanna found this gem – a tiki hut beverage dispenser – perfect for white-girl sangria, and totally using it for our engagement party. $5. Bonus: inside were plastic ice cubes, drink stirrers and coasters}

 {Creeptastic life-size golfer. I was sold on the mustache.}

 {I would’ve so bought this if I had kids… I was even thinking about getting it for myself. What of it.}

Engagement Party

April 18, 2012


This Saturday is our engagement party. It’s been 7 months since we got engaged, so it may seem a little weird we’re having it now. However, with the holidays right after our engagement and other events we had going on, the timing just didn’t work for us. It also happens to be almost 1 year away from the actual wedding, so we figured it’s a nice introduction to the festivities to come.

The past 2 weeks have been focused on getting the house in shape. We’re expecting a little over 50 people – some who haven’t seen the house before – so we wanted to make sure everything looks great. ManFiancé even joked we should have a party every month, because that always happens to be my best motivation for working on projects I’ve been putting off.


{aren’t these daisies adorable?! I hope they last…}

{this is my baby Bougainvillea all growed up! remember back when I planted it?}

We’re trying to cut the wedding costs any way we can, so we’ve asked the guests to bring a large bottle of liquor or wine to help stock the wedding bar. ManFiancé and I have been living together for several years now, so it doesn’t really make sense to register for a set of China, especially when we already have one. In theory it seems like a great idea, but it’ll be a tough not to tap into a nice bottle of vino before the wedding. I’m pretty sure I can make it though, especially since it will save us a few hundred dollars.

Another way we’re saving money is by handing out our Save the Dates at the party. Instead of having to mail out and pay postage for 50+ Save the Dates, it’ll be easy to just give them to people at the party. Even if it’ll only save us around$20-$30, that’s $20-$30 I don’t have to spend on stamps.

Where we are spending money is on the food. I thought it would be cheesy to have a potluck, so we’re supplying all of the food and drinks for the party. We want to thank our family and friends for celebrating this joyous time in our lives, so it’s the least we can do.

I plan on taking a bunch of pictures of the party, so stay tuned for a recap on Monday!