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Finally! Some New Shoes

August 14, 2012


I have a confession to make, and this is something only my close friends know: I’ve been wearing the same running shoes since I was 18.

Gross, I know.

That is more than 10 solid years of sweat, stink, dirt, wear and tear on a cheap pair of ugly sneakers I got my first year in college for a mere 20 bucks.

I think I’ve found the root of my “shin-split” problem. (damn, I can’t blame it on the actual act of running!)

On Sunday afternoon I was browsing through the store, when I happened upon running shoes for a GREAT deal: $35 (originally $70)!!

Clearly I have needed some new shoes for some time now, but I really wanted to wait to buy some nice ones as a “reward” to myself for working so hard lately (wedding in 9 months = CRUNCH TIME).

But for this price, I just couldn’t resist.

Annnndddd I love the bright colors. It’ll be impossible not to notice me now!

(Goal: people to focus on my feet and not my fat back rolls – accomplished.)






{i’m too sexy for my feet}

They’re the Reebok Fuel Extreme Running Shoe, and you can get them online for $70, but I suggest going to your local Beall’s Outlet store and snagging them for a mere $35.

I wore them yesterday, and can already feel the difference. They are way lighter than my other shoes, the mesh on the side actually cools my feet while I’m working out, my shins don’t hurt anymore, and, most importantly of course, my feet look dead sexy.



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  1. Hope permalink
    August 15, 2012 10:44 am

    Certainly more interesting than white sneakers! People will be noticing those shoes!

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