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Pot Plants

May 21, 2012

I realize that the headline is a little misleading, but this post is completely legal. This past weekend, my friends and I took a break and didn’t see each other at all. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get done when you’re not drinking (with friends).

Most of my time was spent outside – not only because the weather was beautiful, but I needed to sweat the Bud Light Platinums out from our Friday Night dinner date. And my skin needs some damn pigment on it. Luckily, much of the beer had come out of me because it was 90 degrees, but my skin’s pigment is still not much darker.

Life is good when you’re a daywalker.

Back to pot plants – I transplanted and planted a bunch of plants this weekend, hence the name of this blog post (and, it brings in a boost of site traffic from all you people with less-than-angelic minds).

The potting station was a great help – I keep all of my tools, empty pots and extra soil in it – so it’s there when I need it and keeps me from running through the house in dirty sneakers trying to find something.

Here’s a quick recap/tour of my pot plants:



{got some seeds from Goodwill for $.49 a pop}



{the seeds need to start indoors before I transfer them to the garden box. I labeled them with leftover drink umbrellas from the engagement party – this will only work if left in a covered area.}



{can you believe this is the same aloe plant as originally seen here? I bought this plant stand at Walmart for $5 – it’s about time for this baby to go on display!}



{no pot plant is complete without a little friend – got 2 of these guys for $1 at Tarjay.}



{ah! there’s the other little guy. so friendly – especially when it’s accompanying a plant called the “devil’s backbone.”}



{I finally put this plant in a bigger pot, and now he’s growing – making this momma very proud.}



{ever since I saw a yellow Bougainvillea, I had to get one. let it be known, I ALWAYS get what I want.}




{we’re removing the rose-bush since it really doesn’t provide the privacy I’d like. don’t worry, I’m just moving it to another spot (at the front of the house), much to ManFiancé’s dismay.}


{perfect spot for my newly planted sunflower seeds. hopefully they grow up to be pretty and big.}


{I just kind of threw a wildflower mix on this part – not really sure what to do here. we’ll see how it comes out… AND the mix I got is supposed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. fingers crossed.}


{the orange roses are finally blooming, but they’re not long-stemmed yet.}


{solution: put ’em in a shot glass. we have plenty of those around these parts.}

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  1. May 29, 2012 1:49 pm

    The orange roses look awesome in shot glasses — genius solution! And, excellent decision with this post’s title.

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