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Scenes from a salted chocolate Thanksgiving

November 28, 2011


I woke up at 5:45 a.m. today to attempt to work off at least 1/100,000th of the calories I consumed just on Thanksgiving day alone. I don’t even want to start thinking about working off the entirety of last week. I’m pretty sure I’ll die if I do that.

Needless to say, this year’s Thanksgiving was a success.I actually sat down Thanksgiving night to write a blog post, but I could hardly see over my double chin, so I gave up. Here I am on Monday though, and I can finally breathe again.

Yes, Thanksgiving was indeed a success.

And although I didn’t get to see my side of the family this year, they’ll be coming up for the first Christmas in our new house, so at least I have that to cry about look forward to!


Ladies, take note: This is where a man should be … in the kitchen!

This is like the best ad campaign for alcohol and fried turkey – ever.

Don’t show this to PETA.

Deviled Eggs are always a necessity. And so is a 3-ingredient Pumpkin Butter Cake.

Recipe here.

{I added the chocolate – Duh.}

This Caramel Apple Cake is a killer.

Recipe here.

Ah, yes. The inevitable.

She may or may not have had too much turkey…

Do you have any great Thanksgiving pics to share? I’d lurve to see them!

Post them on my Facebook page – it’ll be like re-living Thanksgiving all over again!

Lord, help us… 

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  1. Hope permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:20 am

    These posts are too funny! The cakes look wonderful!

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