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Happy Weekend

October 7, 2011

After all the running around I did in September, this is the first weekend I actually get to be by myself and sit. I’ve got some chores to do, but most of my time will be spent Halloween decorating, wedding-inspiration hunting and lounging around.

I’m also going to be finishing up on my Something Happy Happened series, so be on the look out for that next week.

Speaking of wedding-inspiration hunting, I’ve been listening to different songs for our ceremony…

My pick for today’s My Favorite Song Friday is:

“Such Great Heights” by The Section Quartet (orignally by The Postal Service)

The video is a little strange (uh, hi opening scenes) – but I love the original song and this version is simply amazing.

Definitely going to be a part of our wedding, just not letting you know which part… ;)

I hope you all have a restful weekend as well!

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