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Fantasy Football

August 31, 2011

Tonight is my Fantasy Football draft.

I have a love-hate relationship with Fantasy Football and here’s why:

  1. It actually makes me want to watch football games that do not include my favorite team. – LOVE
  2. It sometimes makes me root against my favorite team if someone on my Fantasy Football team is playing them. – HATE
  3. It gives me something to talk about with people I normally don’t talk to. – LOVE (or hate?)
  4. It gives me something to do when I’m bored at work (or when I’m in procrastination mode). – LOVE
  5. There is the potential to become enemies with people you are normally friends with. – HATE
  6. But the friendship is usually restored by the end of the season. – LOVE
  7. It has you semi-wishing for injuries, illnesses or arrests of some players on the team you are playing that week. HATE
  8. The draft itself is usually the best part of the season. – LOVE
  9. The feeling of remorse when you wake up the day after the draft and realize that “sleeper” pick in the 5th round was totally made because of that shot of Patron you took right before you blurted out the name. – HATE

I’m stopping here because I’m leaving Number 10 open – it could go either way: Win the season (LOVE) or come in 4th place and win nothing (HATE).

Last year I had the most points in the entire league, but I still managed to come in 5th place and didn’t win any money.

Bitter – party of 1?

Bitter – party of 1.


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