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Happy Weekend

July 8, 2011

I joined a new gym this week that is within biking distance – so I’m telling myself I have no more excuses. Because of this newfound commitment to my health (and to look awesome in shorts for football season), I will be posting about 3-4 times per week as opposed to my original goal of Monday-Friday. I’ve decided to re-evaluate my priorities and looking good is number 1. Juuust (not) kiddin’.

This Sunday I’m going to a bridal expo with my old college roommate. I’ve determined that she asked me because she knows I’m too nice to say no. Which is true, which makes her one smart cookie. It’ll be interesting to see what I’ll encounter: a bunch of crazy Bridezillas or normal women just looking for a good time? There’s only one way to find out, and thankfully there will be free champagne and cake to help me cope.

Oh but wait, I’m on a diet. Kewwwwwwwwl.

Today’s pick for My Favorite Song Friday is…

Weezer’s “I Want To Be Something” – I love this freaking song and freaking love Weezer.

(not sure what’s up with the pic of that dude – creeeepy)

Hope your weekend will be as awesome as mine. {this is kinda sarcastic in nature}

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