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Lakeside Celebrations

July 5, 2011

Every time we visit the lakehouse, ManFriend and I talk about leaving the real world behind to stay there forever. We say we’ll find an easy job, and our only care in the world would be determining the best time to go fishing. Of course that’s not realistic, but it’s always fun to fantasize.

Before we moved into our house, we used to go to the lake almost every weekend (especially in the summer). But working on the house consumed all of our time, so we haven’t been there since December (!). It was a break from the lake that went on way too long, and we just had to get back – and the 4th of July weekend was the perfect time to do so.

Swimming in the cool(ish) water, going full-speed on the boat, swinging all day on the chair swing, watching fireworks on the dock at night, and eating all of the barbecue we could handle was the best way (if not only way) to celebrate America’s Independence. I am so thankful we live in a country that allows us to do all of these things and more – it’s what makes America so great.


 {American pride}



 {there’s nothing more peaceful than sitting on that dock}



{July 4th staples – ribs and burgers (don’t worry, we added cheese later!)}



{red, white and blue jello shots – vodka, strawberry and blue raspberry jello, and whipped cream – voila!}



{the girls taking a break from swimming}



{the only time my butt left this swing was to take this pic (and make the jello shots)}


Thank you to the men and women who serve our country. Without you, the American dream and freedom we enjoy wouldn’t exist!

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  1. Erica Donovan permalink
    July 5, 2011 6:01 pm

    That looks like so much fun!! Very relaxing too! when are you inviting us to come there??? It looks very peaceful and just a good ol fun time and Buddy and Bo would love it too!! :) Glad you had fun and those yummo jello shots looked very good!!

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