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We Have An Outdoor Pet

June 9, 2011

Pretty much every night is spent outside on the patio. ManFriend and I sit out back, talk about the day, watch the sunset and grill some good food. A glass of vino here and there usually accompanies us as well.

Lately, the weather has been exceptionally nice, so we’re pretty much out there until it’s late. Now, I’m not sure how long it’s gone unnoticed, but we recently discovered we have an outdoor pet.

Every night, around the same time, we see his little head in the corner near the fence. He’s so sneaky and quiet that you never really notice him until you look. At first, I was “like get that thing out of here.” But now, he’s kind of grown on me. It feels good that this guy feels safe enough to hang around – same time, every night – and not feel in danger.

When I came outside tonight for the usual, he’s in his spot. And I just had to show him off to you…

Probably not what you expected – but we have a fondness for him nonetheless.

And yes, we named him Mr. Toad.

Much lurve little one.

ps. that’s my new youtube channel. i’m venturing into the world of filmography (from my phone) – look out.

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  1. Erica Donovan permalink
    June 10, 2011 7:50 am

    I hope its really not a toad-couldn’t tell what it was but keep Brandy away if it is just fyi-their poisionous to dogs! Love u! :)

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