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May 26, 2011

Today is the last day to vote in the “What Cake Should I Make?” poll. Vote early (or late in this case), and often. As it stands, Caramel Latte Cake and Car-Bomb Cupcakes are in a battle for 1st place. Whichever one wins, it’ll be good regardless. That much I do know.

I need to apologize for my serious lack of posting these past 2 days. It’s officially become a mad dash to the end. The end being our Housewarming Party on Saturday. Status update: we are still floor-less in our Master bedroom, and our living room now looks like a smorgasboard of couch, bed frame, dresser, night stands and coffee table/ottoman. Talk about stress!

ManFriend tried his little heart out to place the laminate flooring down the other day. After 5 hours and a few screams into the wall, he had about 2 feet of laminate laid. I mean I have patience and all, but when you work on something for 5 hours and alls you have to show is a measly 2 feet of flooring, it’s definitely a test. I give him full cred for taking it on, so now I just hope we can get it figured out in these next 2 days.

Otherwise, sigh…

Sharing a song I’m loving right now – puts me in a good mood – and I need it!

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