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The Kentucky Derby (Party)

May 5, 2011

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. Now, I’m not that into horse races, but we have friends that throw a huge bash every.single.year. This year is number 37. Yes, 37 YEARS!!! (but it’s only my 5th) Most of their neighborhood, family, friends and everyone else and their mother will be there. We talk, we bet watch the race, we drink, we eat blue crabs, crawfish and pork – and mostly, we have fun. A blast in fact.

One particular thing that makes this party unlike any other is that each year, the party hosts have all the guests stand in a giant circle in the backyard (it’s a huge backyard), then with the video camera rolling, each guest takes their turn toasting to the camera while taking a shot of Yukon Jack Bourbon. Keyword:Yuk. But it’s awesome, and the party definitely takes a different turn after that. I look forward to it every year.

‘Yuk’on Jack


Kentucky Hot Brown

(recipe here)

Mint Julep

(recipe here)

Famous Derby Hats


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