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Gift Ideas for Mom

May 3, 2011

There is a lot going on this week – Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day…  I’m going to post ideas for each this week, and even though Cinco de Mayo is Thursday, I think it’s important to talk about the most important topic first: Mom.

My mom, or Marm as I call her, is my best friend. I always tell her that when I get married, I want her to be my Matron of Honor. We talk every day, even if we have nothing to talk about. She’s a good resource for advice, but my favorite thing about our relationship is that she asks me for advice, too. She has since I was 12. She makes me feel important, that my ideas are worth listening to. Unfortunately, I live about 5 hours north from her, so I won’t be with her on Sunday, but I’ll do the same thing I have every year since I left for college. I’ll call her at the butt-crack of dawn because I always want to be the first to say, “Thank You.”

If you happen to be a procrastinator and still haven’t gotten your Mom anything, here are some ideas that will make her smile. Because, every great Mom deserves a great present – big or small.

If she loves to read – get her a NOOK Color, $249

Not only can she read her favorite books, but with the NOOK Color, she can read magazines, the newspaper, and even download apps.

If she loves coffee – get her a Tassimo, $150 (Bed, Bath & Beyond)…

I can personally vouch for this. ManFriend got me this for Christmas and I am officially obsessed. And I wasn’t even a big coffee drinker. Oh but now I am. It makes cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffee, teas, hot chocolate, a whole meal of food. (I made that last part up) Your Mom will love this thing.

If she loves nature – name a star after her, $54-$500

She always said you were her shining star – why not show her you feel the same? And let’s face it, how many people can say “No really, that star is called ‘The Carolyn'”?

If she’s a foodie – get her an Edible Arrangement, $25-$170

Because, a bouquet of flowers is great – but a bouquet of chocolate-dipped fruit that looks like flowers is even greater. And, I’m sure she’ll share so you can have some for yourself, too. ;)

These are just some unconventional ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day. You can always opt for flowers, jewelry, dinner – it’s really the thought that counts. Besides, Mom will love whatever you get her. And if she doesn’t, she’s great enough to never let you know…

What are you getting your Mom?

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