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Like a Rock Star

March 28, 2011

I didn’t get to go to the farmer’s market. I didn’t make the 1 hour trek to Ikea. But I did feel like a rock star on Saturday. Why?

I got myself a brand new washer and dryer – that’s why. Maybe not the rock star you were thinking – more like a domestic rock star – or not… Either way, the 3+ weeks of laundry that was piling up finally had a visit from the detergent fairy. (Backstory: Once we got in the house, we did one load of laundry and the  washer that came with the house quit. That was awesome…)

We went to HHGregg where they were having a nice sale and a 12-month interest-free credit card promotion this weekend. Holla! Once I got approved, it was on like Donkey Kong. Yeah, I said it.

I felt like I had won a shopping spree. I was picking out washers, dryers, laptops, laptop bags, wireless mouses (mice?),  tv wall mounts, grills, desks, refrigerators. You name it, I wanted it.

Finally ManFriend stepped in and gave me a dose of reality. Even though we could get all this stuff, we had to pay for it. What a party pooper.

Needless to say, I still made out like a bandit – washer, dryer, laptop and tv wall mount. But only one of each…

The laundry goddesses (shameless Charlie Sheen reference)

And my glorious new laptop (I just had to get the white, of course)! (wall mount isn’t up yet – posts to come)

As you may notice, I’m posting a little later than usual. Now that I have my laptop, I can post from home rather than elsewhere. Although my posts may be a little later, they are sure to be even better. This laptop is like magic … it oozes with inspiration.

Also, I added Twitter updates to the right. Sometimes they are just links back to these posts, but I also sprinkle little nothings in there as well. I’m unstoppable!

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