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In the Nude

February 25, 2011

Seems like everyone is walking around in the buff these days. Fortunately for us, they’re clothed. There are just some people in this world I’d rather not see in the nude – no offense (and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see me nude either).

Anywho, Nude is the new black this year and I’m diggin’ it. It’s feminine, breezy and just plain beautiful. My kind of nude.

If you’re a little bashful and aren’t really ready to get fully nude just yet, try this dress on for size. So simple. So cute. So cheap! ($14.99)


This nude cardigan looks like it can pull any outfit together – casual or dressy. Classic and worth the price at $99.


I bought this skirt the other day – I love how it’s short and flowy. Not often can you find that combo – plus, it’s nude and only $24.50.


So by now you’ve probably figured out I pretty much only wear wedges and sandals. What can I say, I’m a Florida girl. These are stylish, affordable at $29.99 and wedge-y. Heaven.


Last, but certainly not least, you have got to get a nude bag this year. I know, I know – it’s a little scary getting a bag that can get dirty so easy. But, this one is worth it at a $100 (plus, it’s a darker nude)…


This time being in the nude, you’re sure to get compliments.

Note: My apologies to my fellow salted chocoholics for not posting yesterday. When I first started this shindig, I vowed to post each day Monday-Friday. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and I just couldn’t pull myself away from the margaritas long enough to put something up. So, in order to remedy the situation, I’ll be putting up 2 posts today! Lucky you!!

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